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The Lenovo Yoga was the first device to make Windows 8 interesting. It had a hinge that could convert the laptop into a tablet or fold into a tent. Lenovo has since refined that design into an even better laptop, and it has also taken the time to convert some of that design philosophy to the Android-powered Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

When it comes to Android tablets, they are all rather ho-hum; big rectangular slabs. In an effort to use them comfortably as a display or for watching a movie, clunky cases and folios must be purchased in order to prop them up. Sure, you can lean it against something and hope it doesn't fall over, but that is risky business.
Lenovo feels the pain of Android users and has created a new solution -- better way, if you will.
The company explains that the tablet, "features three unique modes, giving consumers a better way to use a tablet. With hold, tilt and stand modes, the tablet adapts to the way people use it instead of forcing people to adapt to the technology.

In hold mode, the tablet is held like a, well...tablet. You can hold it as you do any other tablet but in addition, you can hold the battery side like a handle. When holding it in landscape mode, the weight from the battery is at the bottom, so it is more comfortable for the user.
In stand mode, the tablet can stand on its own using the built in kickstand. This kickstand is made of aluminum which should make it rather durable. The user can then watch movies on the tablet or use it with a Bluetooth keyboard as a make-shift workstation.
The tilt mode, while less exciting, is actually quite useful. You see, it props the tablet up at a slight angle for improved typing. Many third-party cases offer this feature by tucking the front flap into the back. With the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, no such clunky case is needed.
you can use it anywhere , on your way to office in public transport , In shopping malls , at your coffee shop.
Go and get a better lyf. :)

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