A Year in TCS

13 October 2011, the day I started as an IT professional. The day is still fresh in my mind.
First the Initial Learning Phase , then the project life.
Its true that learning is a continuous process but ILP was surely the honey moon period for a fresher in TCS.
Once you are in a project growth and learning depends on your will and the project off course.

I am in a project from January 2012 . Some friends  are still on bench , It’s a long wait for them and in frustration some already left the TCS.

Some of my friends shared their Experiences:

Siddharth Jain,
Tata Consultancy Services : Sahyadri Park - Pune, Maharashtra
We have completed a year long journey whose best part was those three months of our ILP.
 We are not fresher, we now know , what we have missed. Still because of TCS , we don't get much pressure of work so still not workaholic .... :P  .  But only thing I miss now is FRIENDS.

Mohit Mittal
Tata Consultancy Services : Noida III – Delhi NCR
I learnt lot of thing in TCS work culture and really enjoyed in it

Dhiresh Gain
Tata Consultancy Services : GG IV – Delhi NCR
I m feeling great that we all have completed our one year in TCS ,we are not fresher any more will soon removed from trainee tag too.
It was a happy, unstressed first year of IT career for me. Although I could not got project for 4-5 months I am very happy to be with TCS.

TCS so far…

The largest software giant in whole Asia, it itself praises a lot about the company. It is true that like every employee, I also have some complains about the company, but this is not the correct time for these things.
For me it was really a good learning period. 
Surprisingly got a too good supervisor, excellent team mates and title of the junior most team member :P

However, while surfing through GLASSDOOR got to know how frustrated TCSers are.
The review section was full of bad experiences :

What GLASSDOOR says about TCS  :

                                                 “Work experience with TCS”
                               Current Assistant Systems Analyst in Chennai (India)
Pros – Well established good brand, Good top management able to design a good strategy. Good presence abroad and also very determined to explore unexploited markets.
Cons – Many middle level managers who are just there because of the hierarchy, too many systems, processes, and approvals based culture; many managers are not comfortable to work away from standard templates, not a good pay master, and no goodies to employees like free transportation etc. Frugal when it comes to employees, promotion and salary hikes are little rigid and are based on a disappointing Bell Curve strategy.
Advice to Senior Management – Do away with Bell Curve based appraisals. Get rid of some middle level managers who are nothing but just organisers. Bring down the process based culture and make the project management strategy more agile.

                                                      “Good Company for starters”
                                                Current IT Analyst in Chennai (India)
Pros – Onsite opportunities, more exposure towards domain knowledge and technology assets rich in content.
Cons – hand cuffed because of company policies
Advice to Senior Management – Employees should have some level of choice in choosing their career path

                 “If this is the first and last company you want to work in go for it ,unless don't.”
                         Current Assistant Software Engineer (ASE) in Bangalore (India)
Pros – It is more or less like a government sector with a less pay scale .
Cons – career growth is very less.

                                                   “Good, Secure.”
                            Former Assistant Systems Engineer in Chennai (India)
Pros – As everyone knew it is very secure. Nice opportunity to work and get the global exposure. If you have patience, and know the managers well, you get easy onsite opportunities.
Cons – Universal truth - Rating will be affected (obviously your pay) if you try to get a release from project and move to other. The worst case is your salary will go down sometimes if you switch project due to the rating even after a yearly hike.
Difficult for an individual to achieve and get their goals unless they have a good relation with managers.
Advice to Senior Management – Please see the talent and the abilities of the individual and encourage them.

 Some of the concerns are surely there, but I hope with time the image of the company
will be much more better.

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