हम तो चले थे अकेले
मंज़िल पर भरोसा था
हाथो की लकीरो पे
रास्ते को खोजा था
हम चलते गये
भीड़ जुट ती गयी
मंज़िल चाहे मिले ना मिले
दोस्ती की जंजीरे बढ़ती गयी

What do you need on a perfect road trip?
This is surely a relevant question , one should know what can result in the best tour of life, which can be remembered and one wants to relive those moments again.

I had a wild safari last year with friends, as a matter of fact all 4 of us are together from college but now in the professional pool we are colleagues.

The successful elements that made that trip historic were the destination , our group , the music , our guide and last but not the least our safari jeep.

Lets discuss there importance -

First comes the destination, we should know where we are going.
In simpler terms one should know what to expect from that place.
If your home work is not good then either you might end up in expecting too much or in the worst scenario you didn't expect anything and then you are in the middle of everything without any prior preparation.

Then comes the group , if you are with friends every place is heaven (We call it hell though) but if you are with family then choose it nicely. However road trips are actually perfect opportunity to end up bad feelings.

Third comes the music , for me travelling without music is like man without its soul.
However sometimes we have to decide wisely , we cannot use Metal in front of the family and same with |Devotional numbers when with friends.

And last but not the least , our vehicle - if person count is two I always prefect bike , but if the group is big , best idea to is to get a comfortable and spacious 4 wheeler.

We went on for a wild safari so we hired a Safari jeep and the experience was awesome.
Here are our moments from the trip:

For me perfect road trip is a trip which is planned but not with all low level details , friends and fun.

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