Star Trek - Into darkness - A review

No ship should go down without her captain.

JJ Abrams boldly goes where many others have boldly gone,
with yet another generation manning the USS Enterprise bringing peace to the universe.

After his successful re-imagining of the Star Trek universe four years ago, Abrams dives even deeper into the mythology, which is thrilling for fans but might leave newcomers feeling a bit lost.

This sequel surges forward with action, drama, romance and a lot of comedy while constantly nodding back to the earlier TV series and films. And the smart screenplay finds ways to deepen all of the characters along the way, as well as offering an unusually complex villain.

The action picks up soon after the first film ends, as Kirk (Pine) is once again in trouble for disobeying the Prime Directive not to interfere with a planet's culture.

From the rousing opening sequence to the gob-smacking climax, Star Trek Into Darkness is a glorious thrill ride. J.J. Abrams’ sequel to his 2009-reboot Star Trek, Into Darkness puts the adventure into space.

Visually, the film looks seamless, and Abrams keeps the special effects in the background where they belong. Except for the sometimes distracting 3D, the spectacular visuals are always put into perspective by the people. Even the unnecessarily crazed fight scene on floating trash barges has a human touch. And this personal approach helps us identify with real characters in extraordinary situations that are both exhilarating and surprisingly emotional.

All that was super cool in the earlier movie — attitude, cast, pace and creativity, is there in double dose here. The icing on the cake is Benedict Cumberbatch as Harrison. Cold, cruel and immaculately dressed, he carries his grudge against the universe like a perfectly accessorized chip on his shoulder.

The movie moves at spanking pace through its over two-hour running time alternating nicely between wall-to-wall action and the quieter moments of dialogue, which is tempered with right amount of wit and charm.

Bottomline: A high octane adventure powered by adrenalin, testosterone, stupendous visual effects and nostalgia

My rating : 9/10

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Well to be really candid, i did not have much expectations from this movie but i was entertained from start to finish. Like you mentioned correctly it was visually stunning and the good pace of the movie keeps you on your seat. However the story-line was a bit predictable but that is not a surprise, it happens a lot. Overall a good watch ,much better than the first part.