If u perform well and satisfy 50% in ur exams, u have all criterias to get released from ur ILP (Engg guys) and Ignite(For bSc graduates).You will be getting your release letters. Your release letters will have the details about ur project location. If its mentioned as Delhi for example, ur project will be 99% in North India only.

Details in that release letter will include ur reporting date, reporting RMG center, reporting person with time.For example, if its Delhi, U people will be asked to assemble in Delhi office (PTI). because RMG is there only for delhi region.

Purpose of RMG is to direct into various projects depending on their requirements.
Like in RMG there will be different sectors's like Banking, insurance, Reatail, telecom etc etc.
U people will be put in random into any one of those sectors.

The period from that time till u get project is called 'BENCH'.

Awesome period it is :) :) :) U can come anytime to office, Just meet ur RMG in charge, have lunch and leave.
So don miss those Bench days :) :)(salary wil b given dnt wry!!!!)
No issues will come if ur in bench upto 3 months..  But make it a point to go meet ur RMG personnal every day!!!!

How projects will be assigned to you??
Suppose ur being put into telecom domain .......Various projects in telecom domain includes Motorola, Nokia siemens, Nokia, BT etc etc..
RMG ppl will have full info about you,your streams etc.
If Moto needs a person from ur domain. RMG will refer you.
You will be having a telephonic interview or u may be called to office.............
Questions will be asked from basics you knew. if u clear it. u are into project
else u have to wait for next turn :) :)

If some other project requires any person, again RMG will refer you and u have the process going. :) Surely at 1 point of time u will be in project.

 Also if ur getting a call. ur desperate to work in development project. But ur being called for a testing/ support project. u can very well neglect that offer too :) :)
also for your information,

 In TCS 70% of project are only support project. So please don be adamant in going to development project alone!!! My request.
ur salary will be determined only by ur performance and not on ur project.

Stay in what ever project, prove ur talent. show ur worth :) :)

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