Idea for a MDM App!!!

Indiblogger recently organized an event with the aid of Nokia.

Your wish is my App II, a Nokia IndiBlogger meet

Well It was really good to see such an event for such a technical brainstorming.
This blog post is all about my idea about an app which can really help us out in many areas.
I am referring from taking surveys ,polls to collecting funds and really large chunk of raw data.
I want an app on Master Data Managemnt

MDM may be many different things. For me it’s about Master Data Management and for others it’s about Mobile Device Management.
A recent twitter chat session organized by Gartner (the analyst firm) had the tag #GartnerMDM. It was about Master Data Management but of course there also were questions about Mobile Device Management.

And sure. One of the foremost technology trends being mobile doesn’t have the same attention as other hyped trends like big, social and cloudy within this MDM, but mobile may actually also play a role within master data management.
In my current work within data quality and master data management. I have been thinking of some business cases around an App for this MDM. It has for example been aiming at getting it first time right when NGOs are finding new members on the street and when energy retailers are on boarding new customers on the street.

So what are some of the main advantages of having a mobile app for MDM? Here are some of the interesting usages to start off with
  1. Provide a search page which uses MDM’s fuzzy matching capabilities to display records meeting the search criteria.Mobile App
  2. Role based access and interface which adapts to the user based on the functionality he/she is granted.
  3. Tasks appearing as notifications based on the role of the user. Specifically in the product data management where items are collectively authored.
  4. Ability to analyze and compare records side by side and option to merge duplicate records. (Bingo – I fixed data issues from my tablet sitting at Starbucks – How cool!)
  5. Access to reference data, check correctness of all possible values for a given code type.
  6. Enable access to master data without exposing corporate network and risking data leakage.
  7. Ability to wipe and lockout data in the event device is lost or stolen.
The important factor to consider is the sensitivity of the data accessed from the mobile devices.

MDM app should also be made available in more than one mobile operating system; you don’t want to kill the fan boys after all ;)

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