Two years in TCS

Experience UNcertainity...

'Should I leave or should I not', this was the question of the year 2013.
I am sure this question would have surfaced in the minds of many of you at some point in time during your stay in TCS. The reason that I am writing this and you are reading this means that there were reasons strong enough for me not to leave TCS. 

As I look back in time, the reasons that worked for me to stay back were the continuous challenges and some wonderful morons in the middle level management.

Couple of times the thought crossed my mind when I had not so good manager
Persons who were unfair, very derogatory, disrespectful, demeaning and de-motivating. 

Bosses can be demanding, tough, and maybe harsh as well... and by doing so they are helping you to focus & deliver... but unless they demonstrate their softer side sometimes or logically explain why they are so, then dealing with such people many times, makes you lose your appetite to work harder or create a difference to the customer and the company.

As I faced during last quarter working with an asshole who does not even know what is the meaning of the term management.

You are forced to think...what next... is this what you are going to deal with for a good amount of your life or you need a change?

I had the belief that such people cannot break your determination or make you feel low for long, and eventually, you have to keep working harder on what you are capable of and deliver it consistently.

Focus on your strengths, work with the people who think similarly and look for the best.

I work for the most valuable company in the country that is fastest growing and challenging the world's # 1 behemoth in the IT industry.
A company that is being praised by peers and competitors alike, rated the best CEO in the country by multiple renowned organizations. A company that has invested for the future by developing platforms in domain, technology and digital enterprise. And more than anything a company that offers you a very diverse portfolio of industry domain, technology and geographies to grow as a professional and individual.

However the year ended on a good note.
Got rid of that lunatic manager , able to spend time for myself and best part is - made too many good friends.

One key learning of the year was never ever try to be friendly, office demands professionalism , you can call it what ever you want but a mask is really necessary.

Currently I am on bench - first for me in the span of two years but I am feeling good in fact I am enjoying it.

The real answer of the question "whether I should leave or not" always lies in the question itself , you can change your company but it will not resolve your problem..once you change your mindset you do not need to ask this question again as you know the answer then.

Looking forward for a much better new year .. 2014.

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