Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Review

Exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving come together beautifully in this rewarding, replayable arcade adventure


Slick, satisfying combat   

  • Lush levels encourage exploration   

  • Enticing challenges spur replayability   

  • Clever puzzles  

  • Great cooperative play.

  • BAD:

  • No online cooperative play   

  • Throwaway plot   

  • Keyboard controls are too imprecise.

  • In Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, you see the titular leading lady from a whole new perspective. While the isometric camera angle shows off less of the iconic character than you may be used to, the game boasts the same engaging mix of exploration and combat that has long been the hallmark of the best games in the series. Punctuated by clever puzzles and lush visuals, each level begs to be replayed thanks to the varied and enticing challenges that promise substantial rewards. Guardian of Light is addictively fun, and it gets even better when you enlist a friend for some cooperative play, as the puzzles change to suit your complementary abilities. Unfortunately, the game does not support online cooperative play at launch, and though the developer has promised a patch, it's a disappointment to be even temporarily denied the opportunity to play this great co-op game online. Yet in spite of this shortfall, Guardian of Light is a rousing success that ranks as one of Lara Croft's greatest adventure

    MY RATING : 8.5